Three members of the "Voice of Beslan" are accused of beating up seven court offices and a judge


Beslan. 02-11-2008. The authorities have made one more step aimed at crashing down the Voice of Beslan association of victims of terror. They are offering new absurd charges against its members.


On 8 February 2008, a group of people came to the place of permanent residence of the chair of the organization Voice of BeslanTagaeva-Betrozova E.L. (the office of the organization is also located at the home address of the chair of the organization). One of the visitors introduced himself as an investigator with the Department of the Federal Service of judicial police officers (UFSSP). Without presenting any ID or any other documents, the investigator told that Ella Kesaeva, the deputy chair of the organization would have to submit her written explanation in regard to the accusation that she and some other members of the Voice of Beslan association beat up seven judicial police officers in the building of Beslan Pravoberezhny district court.   


When Ella Kesaeva asked who had brought such an accusation, the investigator refused to answer but added that he would recommend them to give explanations not only on their assault at seven judicial police officers but at a judge as well. The investigator warned Ella Kesaeva and two other members of the organization that they would be summoned to be interrogated in the UFSSP office if they refused to give their explanations.


An hour after that, three members of the organization, Kesaeva Ella, Margieva Svetlana and Bzarova E., were delivered summons to be interrogated at the UFSSP in North Ossetia-Alania. The interrogation has been fixed for 10 am on 11 February 2008. It is stated in the summons that if they fail to appear there for the interrogation, they will be brought there by force.


Ella Kesaeva claims that a few days before, the chair of the Pravoberezhnyy district court of Beslan warned her to stop submitting appeals and complaints. Otherwise, Ella Kesaeva was threatened with a case to be opened against her.


The Voice of Beslan association of victims of terror states that offering these absurd accusations that have nothing to do with reality is a continuation of the “war on destruction” that the authorities have declared against victims of the Beslan act of terror.


You can find copies of the summons on the Voice of Beslan web page