Voice of Beslan

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02-11-2008 Three members of the "Voice of Beslan" are accused of beating up seven court offices and a judge

01-14-2008 Russia puts Beslan activists on trial. Catherine Belton. The Financial Times




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Voice of Beslan is splinter group from Mothers of Beslan made up of parents of children killed in the 2004 North Ossetian Beslan school hostage crisis wherein more than 365 were killed and half of them children.

Voice of Beslan was created in the aftermath of the tragic hostage crises as a response to what they see as the incompetence and excessive force used by the security services while trying to rescue the hostages, especially with regard to the alleged firing from tanks and flame-throwers at the school when there were still live hostages inside.

They have demanded an international investigation of the Beslan terrorist attack. And called on the European Union and the European Parliament to help establishing one. As well as on U.S. leadership to publish satellite photographs of the school made during the siege. They have also asked private journalists, who have any material on the attack, to present them for an investigation.

Six members of Voice of Beslan held a 10-day hunger strike from February 9 February 19, 2006 to draw attention to their claims that authorities were covering up the truth about the Beslan attack.

On February 22, 2006 members of Voice of Beslan, met with UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Louise Arbour, whom was visiting North Ossetia and Beslan.

Emma Tagaeva-Betrozova and Ella Kesayeva are the chairmans of The Voice of Beslan.